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An excerpt of her program:

Manual Lymph Drainage: This extra soft, soulful massage technique is used to activate the lymphatic system - the tissue is detoxified, waste products are removed more easily. Acts on the nervous system, good for varicose veins and after surgery, when congestion in the facial area. Especially recommended after cancer surgery.
Anti-stress Massage: Stress conditions and blockages in the body and the soul are released and reach harmonization.
Reflexology: By treating the body reference points on the foot is used to exert a balancing effect on the healing powers of the body.
Connective tissue: A special technique is used to stimulate blood flow to eliminated pain and tension. Has a regenerative effect on the organs inside.
Classical Massage: With the inclusion of acupressure and segment handles - ideal for tension, sciatica and tennis elbow.
Price: 55 minutes to € 38.00

For lymphatic drainage please bring a confirmation of your doctor that there is no objection to your treatment.

Make an appointment by e-mail with Ms. Karner or Call +43 664 / 874 49 94th

Chiropodist and hairdresser will come in the house.